The Material



Made from renewable natural starches and ground bamboo. Astrik emits 1/5 of the greenhouse gases of traditional plastics in manufacturing.


Tough enough to withstand drops or falls. Made to be moisture resistant and heat tolerant. Designed with every day use in mind and resilient enough to last a lifetime.




Modifying Machines used for traditional plastics to make a responsible material. Ensuring the same machines will be used for decades to come.


Lasting decades in the home but only a short time in the landfill. Once the product is thrown away heat, moisture, and bacteria common in landfills begin to eat away at the product. Breaking down cleanly to leave no trace for generations to come.


Dishwasher Safe

No need to compromise lifestyle for sustainability. Astrik cleans quickly and easily in a dishwasher.

Microwave Safe

Warm up drinks or melt chocolate with ease. Tested for repeated microwave use with no byproducts released.

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