Astrik is made from PLA (poly lactic acid - sugar cane starch 90%) and bamboo fiber (10%). All raw materials are grown and harvested from the earth, rather than extracted from it. Because of this we can use farms local to processing plants and factories to reduce emissions-heavy transport to a fraction of the distance. Creating PLA itself only emits a fifth of greenhouse gasses that traditional plastics do. The final product is sturdy, safe for both the dishwasher and microwave, and composts into the earth within 2 years once you decide to throw it away.

What Is Astrik?


The production process uses excess raw materials which allow for us to harvest what’s necessary while doing minimal damage to the environment.


Tough enough to withstand drops or falls. Astrik is made to be moisture resistant, heat tolerant, and dishwasher safe. It’s designed with every day use in mind and is resilient enough to last a lifetime.


In addition to using raw materials that were destined for destruction, the machines that were originally designed for creating melamine-based products have been re-tooled to support the creation of Astrik products.


When you are ready to move on and throw away an Astrik product, the biodegradation process begins once the product is in a landfill. The environmental factors like pressure, heat, moisture, and bacteria allow for this to happen, so the product is safe in your kitchen cabinet until that day.

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